Online Knowledge Importance

Online Learning

Learning different things ONLINE is very common. The urdu word “ilm “is very commonly used nowadays. The Term refers to all knowledge available on the internet. The internet and online knowledge is blessing for all of us. Many websites like ilmEasy.Com is volunteer for imparting education through Technology. Generally, things are not bad but their use make things bad or good. Lets share wisdom and knowledge by this invention.

knowledge and skill through ONLINE knowledge facility. The vision and dream of changing lives can only be achieved by positivity and sharing knowledge. Even Today when you are reading this, there are millions of people who don’t have this internet, computer, smart mobile or other basic facilities. So luckily if we have this facility then it should be used for Sharing knowledge.

The importance of online knowledge spread is times more due to our limited resources. We can bring rapid revolution by using tech for reaching people. The less cost make online sharing of knowledge cost effective as well. The transform use of technology by public and government sector can bring large level change in Poor spheres of society.


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